When your wandering takes you to parts unknown, you may wind up on the Wayside. A port town surrounded by a thick white fog, hidden from the rest of the world, just the way the residents like it.
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 R'ioth Valhaar

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Name: R'ioth Valhaar


Occupation: Writer, Scholar, Summoner


Age: 28 (It is the mid-1600s in R'ioth's world.)


Appearance: R'ioth is the equivalent of a norseman from his world. He has messy blond hair, pulled back into a loose ponytail that ends at the base of his neck. His eyes are a pale blue, nearly indistinguishable from gray. His skin is pale, but has tattoos painted all over it in shiny blue ink. Most of his tattoos simply look as if they made up a network of veins, running all over his body and jutting out at random angles. However, the tattoos are all drawn into his chest and back, where they converge on the symbol of a massive sea serpent. R'ioth is built in quite a frail way, having been a scholar, and there is very little noticeable muscle on his frame.


Outfit: R'ioth wears an ornamental set of robes, complimented by a hood. Both the robes and hood are the same shiny blue color as his tattoos, with the same serpent symbol residing in the middle of his chest. Under the robes R'ioth usually wears a thick pair of pants and a shirt, to compensate for the harsh weather of his homeland. He also tends to wear a pair of gloves that match the silver of the sea serpent.


Personality: R'ioth is shy, and forced to be this way. His culture states that those who do not do battle may not marry, nor are they aloud to pursue any career other than that of a scholar. This forced shyness has lead to R'ioth finding his solace in the heroic novels of his age. He also discovered summoning, and while he never practiced it enough to be incredibly skilled, he summons companions for himself in his moments of weakness. Through this method, R'ioth learned to separate himself from society and only left his house when he was called upon for the last four years of his life.
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R'ioth Valhaar
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