When your wandering takes you to parts unknown, you may wind up on the Wayside. A port town surrounded by a thick white fog, hidden from the rest of the world, just the way the residents like it.
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 Molodi Petronov, AKA Super-bitch

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Molodi Petronov, AKA Super-bitch Empty
PostSubject: Molodi Petronov, AKA Super-bitch   Molodi Petronov, AKA Super-bitch EmptyThu Dec 31, 2009 6:45 pm

Name: Molodi Petronov
Nicknames: Kitten, Molly, Ms. Critic


Occupation: Novelist, Movie Critic.


Age: 24 (born in 1938, it's 1962 in her world now)


Appearance: Molodi is a small, skinny woman with very pale skin and firey red hair. She's not very chesty, only a b cup, but thanks to how the 60s bras were made, she looks a little bigger than she is (and kinda pointy). She has washed out hazel coloured eyes, which usually have bags under them thanks to her staying up late into the night writing her science fiction novels or doing a review on the latest bomb. (Fun Fact: Her review for Plan 9 from Outer Space was... "...Why? Why do you hate me, dear readers?") She stands at 5'2 and weights 107 lb.


Outfit: Molodi wears a thick brown sweater that has been well-worn, the elbows thin and the sleeves and collar chewed habitually. It's slightly too big for her, but she never seems to mind. She generally wears cotton fingerless gloves due to "always feeling cold". She despises skirts and dresses, instead opting to go for a pair of faded blue jeans that have earned her a lot of flak in the past, along with red high-top shoes. She is rarely seen without her glass of whiskey or her pack of cigarettes, and is seen even less without her typewriter.


Personality: Put simply, Molodi is an antisocial bitch. Why? Well, after a lifetime of horrors and disappointments, like her father being tortured by the KGB, and her escaping to America only leading to her being used by a man she thought loved her, she's become rather bitter about how the world works. Never quite fitting in thanks to being unable to lose her Ukranian accent, Molodi found her place through words. Inspired by the Soviet writer Isaac Asimov, she attempted her own writings at Science Fiction and the occasional High Fantasy. Her books never got well off the ground thanks to being self-published, and although her books are by no means bad, they're average at best. She found work writing reviews for a local newspaper, who enjoyed her sardonic wit and snarky comments about the movies she watched. However, she recently got a deal with a publisher, who she just got lost trying to visit. Oh dear, she isn't going to be happy.
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Molodi Petronov, AKA Super-bitch
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