When your wandering takes you to parts unknown, you may wind up on the Wayside. A port town surrounded by a thick white fog, hidden from the rest of the world, just the way the residents like it.
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 Wes'auda and Tabanolovivi

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Melancholy Melanie
Melancholy Melanie

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Wes'auda and Tabanolovivi Empty
PostSubject: Wes'auda and Tabanolovivi   Wes'auda and Tabanolovivi EmptyMon Dec 28, 2009 5:27 pm

Wes'auda and Tabanolovivi 28ti1oi

Wes'auda and Tabanolovivi And_The_Weather__s_Good___C_by_WesaAda
The Moon of Ayla. Ages one year every day. She dies for one week.

Wes'auda and Tabanolovivi 140l01s
(Yeah, sorry, I haven't drawn him in a while)
A grass spirit and Wesa's guard and soul-bound husband. Normally very quiet and patient, he enjoys singing but you'll never catch him at it. Protective of Wesa, but he knows when to back off.
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Wes'auda and Tabanolovivi
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