When your wandering takes you to parts unknown, you may wind up on the Wayside. A port town surrounded by a thick white fog, hidden from the rest of the world, just the way the residents like it.
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 The Rules of the Game

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Melancholy Melanie
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The Rules of the Game Empty
PostSubject: The Rules of the Game   The Rules of the Game EmptyMon Dec 21, 2009 5:35 pm

Pretty straight forward.

1. Please use proper grammar and spelling to the best of your ability. Nothing makes you sound more retarded on the internet than txttlk. Also your friendly neighborhood admin happens to be an English major who would like to disembowel the person who came up with said retardation with a rusty fragment of metal. So there's that too.

2. Do not kill off other characters! And no god modding. You cannot control the actions of anyone else's characters.

3. No over powered god characters. Seriously, it just pisses everyone off if your character is almighty and can do whatever they want. Keep power reasonable, okay?

4. If you're going to do something crazy that effects every other character (looking at you, Tyler. :/) be sure to ask if it's alright with everyone.

5. Interact with other characters and posters. Please don't break off into little twosomes and then never interact with other people again. This is bad roleplaying and it makes everyone else start ignoring your posts because they are pointless for them to read.
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The Rules of the Game
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